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A Pivotal Moment - Alyssa Denenberg

Alyssa Denenberg is all about sharing the good, the bad and the ish. The sticky stuff that people don't want to always talk about. Alyssa opens up about living her life with an autoimmune disease and how she's passionately creating a community to share her experience. Follow along on her Instagram @IshWithLis.

A Pivotal Moment - Regan Tilton

Can you think of the person in your life that just radiates positivity and love? Someone that you feel a deep connection with? That's Regan Tilton for me and so many others. She is raw, spiritual and so full of love and wisdom. But what I learned during our conversation is that she wasn't always this way and that she's had roadblocks and pivotal moments that have led her to who she is and where she is today. Follow Regan's journey on Instagram - @reganmaria

A Pivotal Moment - Ari Rubinson

What did you wish for when you blew out the candles on your 7th birthday? For me, it was probably a new Barbie Jeep or an American Girl Doll. For Ari, it was a bit different. Something most 7-year-olds don’t even think of. Ari recounts his life leading up to this point, and the leaps he’s taken to be himself, who he was born to be. Follow Ari’s journey on Instagram - @ari_cole_

A Pivotal Moment - Cyling for Change

There are some people who were born to be leaders. You know the ones! The kids in school who everyone gravitated towards. Well, Jamel Major, Anthony Scott, Christopher Jackson, and Courtland Jackson are those people. They are a group of young black men fighting for change and they're inviting everyone along for the ride. What started as a weekend bike trip to the city of Philadelphia has turned into a movement called the Black Out x Ride Out. Join me as I talk to Jamel, Anthony, Christopher, and Courtland about their upcoming cycling event on July 19th. We'll also dig deep and have those uncomfortable conversations about racism and what these men have faced throughout their lives. This is a podcast for everyone. Please listen, please demand justice, and please do what you can to fight racism in this country.

A Pivotal Moment - Maggie Santella

Diet culture, healthy eating, the new and hot workout. It's not just something we need to worry about, but it's ingrained in our culture. Looking good and eating right has driven our society into a tailspin. For some, they are able to shut out the "noise" and for others, it becomes an obsessive way of life. Maggie reflects back to her pivotal moment where she went through treatment for an eating disorder. Her story is inspiring and heartfelt. Follow Maggie's journey on Instagram (and cute photos of her dog) - @eigggam

A Pivotal Moment - Chanel Dokun

We've all created that vision in our head of what we want in our career, relationship, life, etc. But what if our vision exceeds our reality? For Chanel, she always knew exactly what she wanted in her career until she made it and realized, well, it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be! She teaches us that it's never too late to pivot and reinvent ourselves.

A Pivotal Moment - Trent Taylor

We're all faced with difficult decisions. But imagine being faced with a difficult decision on a daily basis that would completely turn your life upside. Trent Taylor opens up about his life as a closeted gay Morman man. He takes us through every pivot, twist, and all the turns that he went through to live his life of truth and love.

A Pivotal Moment - The End of a Decade

Just ramblings of a girl who has a whole lot of love and mad respect for the 2010's. Thanks for the memories, the love, the loss and all the growth (HOLY GROWTH!). Let's get started with the roaring twenties!

A Pivotal Moment - Nikki Brafman

What's the worst that could happen? We ask ourselves that question often. Nikki Brafman joins us to recount her time in the start up world when she decided to ask herself that question but rather than being afraid of the answer, she took action.

A Pivotal Moment - Joe Aquino

Imagine this. You are faced with a situation. And you see the two roads out in front of you. We can call it a fork in the road. If you go down one path, it'll determine your destiny for life A and the other path will determine your destiny for life B. Which do you choose? The riskier one? The safer one? How do you know which is better? Joe Aquino walks us down the road he chose and why he has never looked back since.

A Pivotal Moment - Andrea Woodruff

You go to your 9 to 5 job. Day in and day out. But, you know there is more out there for you. What are you waiting for? Sometimes it takes a major life event to realize that it's time to move on. Andrea shares her heartfelt story of how she left her career as a lawyer.

A Pivotal Moment - Melanie McNally

Melanie McNally joins A Pivotal Moment to talk to us about the one conversation with her mother that had a beautiful ripple effect on the rest of her life. You know the feeling when you can't take it anymore? Well, this is it.

A Pivotal Moment - Bri Kozior

You may recognize Bri's name. She was on season 4 of Masterchef. A girl after my own heart, she lives to eat. She talks to us about the one bite that changed her life and how it's led her down a beautiful path of twists, turns and the unexpected.

A Pivotal Moment - Lindsay Neuman

Throughout the podcast, I'll be bringing people on to talk about their pivotal moments and how that one split second changed the rest of their life. But before we dive in, get to know me and learn a little bit about my pivotal moment.

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